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Family Tree now online

by Barry

Posted 22-Jul-2015

I have added a family tree for the Leigh, Goldblatt and Margolin families. I hope that some of you will contact me and add details so that it can be relatively complete.

Previously Melissa Wender had put the Margolin family on Geni. On meeting some cousins from the US I realised that I didn't know how they were related. Surprisingly my mother had written down many of the details in her book which my sister and I published for her 80'th birthday. I have added some of the Goldblatt family and have added some of the Leigh family. The Margolin and Goldblatt families are my mother's family. Her mother was a Margolin and her father's mother was a Goldblatt. My father's family is the Leigh family and hopefully this will increase as I get further details. I have now added these details onto a program called WebTrees which resides on my server and is both encrypted and accessed only to registered users. The login details are additional to the login details for this site.

Go to webtrees link

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Marcia had a baby book but never was written up
Marcia's baby book was the same of mine printed on the cover with her name

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Family Tree now online
I have added a family tree for the Leigh, Goldblatt and Margolin families. I hope that some of you will contact me and add details so that it can be relatively complete.

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Barry's new artwork
My current artwork has mainly been generated on the computer. In truth my artwork has been going through a bad time and I haven't produced much. For years I tended to use a combination of hand drawn and computer drawn artwork. This has matured in doing much more using the computer and tablet.